Our Driving Force

NORTH creates products of exceptional quality and beauty. Our pieces celebrate the skill of indigenous artists from communities in northern parts of Australia and the diversity of their crafts.

Our aim is to share the work of these artists – too often unseen by the wider Australian and global community – through the creation of homewares crafted using beautifully hand-screen printed textiles.

Since the 1960s, art centres have played a pivotal role in the production of indigenous art; painters, weavers and craftspeople gather to create works inspired and informed by the landscape, traditional knowledge and beliefs.

NORTH procures fabrics and prints solely from the art centres of indigenous communities. The recurrent transaction generates a source of sustainable income with which the centres support their artists. Profits from the sale of NORTH products are channelled directly back into the organisation to support our growth and development. Under the guidance of Australian law firm Arnold Bloch Leibler, NORTH has begun its transition to not-for-profit status, an undertaking likely to be completed by December 2017.

NORTH aims to contribute meaningfully to the preservation of dignity, pride and independence among indigenous artists, while broadening the exposure and availability of their deeply layered and historically important artworks. 



NORTH is a proud member of the Indigenous Art Code - We are committed to conducting a viable enterprise that respects culture, land, language & self-determination.