Our Driving Force

NORTH exists as a vessel to celebrate, support and broaden the exposure of textile design by Indigenous artists from remote community Art Centres.

We are not an Aboriginal-owned business. We are a non-for-profit organisation, governed by Indigenous & non-Indigenous board members.

In the development of our collections, we work with remote community art centres to develop beautiful, high-quality products featuring fabric designed by remote Indigenous artists. This interaction nurtures growth and opportunity, both for the individual Indigenous artists as well as their communities.

Our products provide a valuable way for the broader Australian community to connect with the strength, craftsmanship and skill of the Indigenous artists with whom NORTH collaborates.

As a non-for-profit organisation, revenue from sales is directed immediately back into the development of creative opportunities; responsive to the ideas and requests of the artists with whom we collaborate. 

Honouring story

NORTH is dedicated to honouring the cultural importance and significance of storytelling through the means in which we communicate with our artists, customers and partners. Working in this way ensures that transaction of goods is never deprived of human connection and meaning.

Our Ethos

Respect for country
We are committed to producing sustainable products and minimising our environmental impact.

Respect for community
We work together with our artists and art centres to ensure story and design is shared with dignity, pride and self-determination.

Respect for artists
We are a proud member of the Indigenous Art Code of ethics - and ensure that transactions of art and money are conducted in a way that empowers artists.

As we grow

  • Our vision as a social enterprise is to;
  • Provide a high-quality offering to the international design market - establishing direct connections to community art centres where appropriate
  • Facilitate remote community projects that support development and innovation in textile design and production.
  • Operate as a financially responsible social business and grow in revenue and impact so we can broaden the exposure of Indigenous design in innovative ways.
  • Grow Indigenous engagement, employment and leadership within NORTH’s core team.
  • Establish an internship program for Indigenous young people to develop their skills in business, design & communications. 

Why Not For Profit?

 Over the past three years, NORTH has grown with the support of many experienced hands and generous bright minds. It has very much been a labour of love - existing solely for the impact we see created when Indigenous textiles are celebrated. 

As a registered not-for-profit, no single person or investor reaps financial benefits from NORTH’s endeavours. Guiding NORTH’s operations are a board of skilled individuals from various backgrounds - ensuring NORTH function as a financially responsible and grows into a sustainable social enterprise. 

We are a registered Not-For-Profit charity & proud member of the Indigenous Art Code - We are committed to conducting a viable enterprise that respects culture, land, language & self-determination.


NORTH Home Team

Our Team

North is governed by Indigenous & non-Indigenous board members, and regularly engages with Indigenous and non-Indigenous creatives in the development of our collections.

While we have the capacity to provide a small wage to our Director, Crystal, Project-Coordinator, Samara and intern, Honey; NORTH is largely a labour of love and requires the ongoing contribution of many voluntary hours from our Director and the Board.

Crystal Thomas


Samara Fernandez Brown
Collaboration (Project) Co-ordinator

Honey Gannon Hunter

Jenna Tipuamantumirri
Director on the Board

Anisha Stifhold
Director on the Board

Anna Moegerlein
Director on the Board