Bush String Dilly Bag

Bush String Dilly Bag

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Bush String Dilly Bag

by Alycia Marrday

size: 25 x 17cm


One of a kind, available now.



String bags are made from a variety of plants but most commonly from Manbudbud (Red Flowered Kurrajong), a strong pliable plant which grows along the floor and into the canopy of monsoon vine thickets.

Traditionally the bags are used to collect a variety of foods such as fish caught in conical fish traps, collections of yams or other Man Me (bush food). Once Manbudbud has been collected, the process to create bush string begins. Starting with several fibres, the weaver will begin to roll the strands on their leg, binding the fibres into string. The fibres may be naturally dyed or have feathers woven into them, creating contemporary, diverse and decorative string bags.

Nawu kunyirrk yiman kayime djerrh nayahwurd nawu korroko birrikani dabborrabbolk bu birriwarlbuni. Wanjh kore kunyirrk bedberre kahdahkendi nawu yiman kayime lawk, ngolin, dja kunyarl.

“‘Kunyirrk' is like a small string bag, that our ancestors used to take when they went hunting. In their string bags they would carry things like stone knives, beeswax and string.”

- Jill Nganjmirra